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Triple Crown Baseball takes pride in community involvement. Our players understand that it is a privilege to have the support of their teams, coaches and families, and to be able to play baseball year round. 

At the start of our second year as an organization, the Kings came together to decide how they could give back to their community. In December 2013, Kings for Kids was formed as the charitable arm of Triple Crown Baseball with one simple goal: to help sick children. The players, along with their coaches and parents, worked together to turn that goal into specific actions in order to make a meaningful difference with an immediate impact. 

During the 2016 holiday season, Kings for Kids raised money to buy and wrap toys for the families and children receiving care from Children's Hospital Boston. Working with the amazing Child Life Services team at Children’s Hospital, Kings for Kids set a goal to raise $4,000, all of which was used to buy toys on the Children's Hospital Boston wish list. Our local Toys "R" Us in Dedham, as well as Newton-based The Learning Express, partnered with Kings for Kids in this effort and offered substantial discounts to help our money go farther. 

Kings for Kids and Triple Crown Baseball were thrilled to be able to help Children's Hospital Boston in this small way. We look forward to continuing these efforts and helping more children each year. 

Click to donate to Kings for Kids today!

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